Cactus State Miniature Schnauzer Club – Arizona

Cactus State Miniature Schnauzer Club


Four out of Five Paws


I was very impressed with how organized this club was.  Especially considering their main focus is conformation (Breed Ring), not agility.  They had a whole bunch of volunteers who did nothing other than volunteer for the trial.  The only negative to this is that they were not all agility people, so some of them did not understand all the jobs properly.  A little volunteer training prior to their next event would eliminate this negative entirely.


As a Breed Club, not an agility club, they do not own their own equipment, but rather, rented it from Jumping Chollas Agility Club (read my review on this club and their equipment here).


They hired a trial secretary, Linda Tjarks, for the event, and she was wonderful!  Not only could you enter the event online (a huge plus for forgetful competitors like myself), but she also emailed the results from the trial each day.  Yes, that means as soon as Saturday was over, we had an email with our scores waiting for us when we got home.  The organization of the competitor number envelopes and maps was also great.


I would definitely recommend (and attend) Cactus State Miniature Schnauzer agility trials in the future.


For my review on the facility rented by Cactus State Miniature Schnauzer Club, Paradise Valley Park, click here.



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