Superstition Kennel Club – Arizona

Superstition Kennel Club


Four out of Five Paws


Superstition Kennel Club used to host some of the larger AKC events in Arizona.  However, they changed club partnerships, and their shows have since been moderate-sized to small. I am not rating them on anything other than my experiences at their trials. So, the paw print rating above will be updated throughout the year based on those experiences.


January 2015 Superstition Kennel Club hosted a three day AKC show at Top Notch Canines in conjunction with Good Dog Agility Club***.  I thought they put on a great show.  The event ran smoothly, the competitor was well-informed as to when walk-throughs would occur, running order, and so on. The only thing, in my opinion, that kept them from a perfect rating was the choice of holding this event indoors versus outdoors.  I love the Arizona winters, and would loved to have seen this show outside.  I would readily recommend attending this club’s trials.

***This event was held at the Top Notch Canines. You can read my review on the facility here.  You can read my review on their co-hosts, Good Dog Agility Club here.


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