Tempe Sports Complex – Arizona

Tempe Sports Complex



Four out of Five Paws


My last experience at this location was the Good Dog Agility 2015 USDAA Southwestern Regional***.  The footing is very level, but the grass (like most grass in Arizona) is dormant, which means it can have a little more give.  The field lights at this location are very bright, allowing for great visibility should the event start early or end late.  There is ample parking, though it is spread out in long, thin rows, so you could end up a ways from the actual event (don’t forget your cart for this location!).  The only thing that was a true negative mark on this location is that there is a dog park located within the park itself.  For the most part, this is not a major problem, but there are always those few dog-park-goers that like to walk their dog through the event, so if you are traveling with a puppy or have a dog who can be fearful or reactive towards other dogs you may have to be a little more aware.  Overall, I would definitely attend another event at this location and recommend it as a nice place to trial in Arizona!

***Read my review on Good Dog Agility here or my experience at the 2015 USDAA Southwestern Regional here.


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