Good Dog Agility Club – Arizona







Four out of Five Paws


Good Dog Agility Club is one of the older clubs in Arizona.  I am not rating them on anything other than my experiences at their trials.  So, the paw print rating above will be updated throughout the year based on those experiences.


January 2015 Good Dog Agility hosted the 2015 USDAA Southwestern Regional***.  They did a great job!  The rings were well-organized, the volunteers were treated very well, and the equipment was very nice!  The only thing that, in my opinion, kept them from a perfect rating was a little lack of communication regarding how entries could be delivered (I found out via a friend instead of from the organization itself) and that they had set up a group on Facebook to keep competitors informed of changes during the event (I didn’t find out about this until I was at the event, and even though I tried to join the group, I was not approved….maybe the group should have been public?).  I would definitely attend this event in the future and recommend it to my fellow competitors.  Great job Good Dog!

***This event was held at the Tempe Sport Complex.  You can read my review on the facility here.


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