Thank you, 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, I keep thinking about this Abraham Lincoln quote:



2014 brought me many joys.  And many sorrows.  I was given relief and stress.  Success and failure.


But most of all, 2014 brought me perspective.  This year was a year of growth and change.  I was given the opportunity to step away from my self and learn.  This year, I learned that what seems bad, even if it is, could be much worse.  While I may be sad, someone somewhere else, could be experiencing a much greater sadness.  So, in short, 2014 taught me to appreciate.


I choose joy.  I choose to see the bright side.  I choose to only allow a sorrow, a hardship, a complaint to cross my mind…not to stay.


For 2015, I will work to turn my down times into up.  To help those who feel low, find their high.  And to continue to seek out the joy in each day.  I will remember that everything happens for a reason.  I will work to find the reason, find the lesson, and grow.


Happy New Year!


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