Life Outside of the Ring

Let’s face it.  My life pretty much revolves around the four-corner box that we agility competitors call “the ring”.  I LOVE to compete.  I will readily admit that the reason I train is for the rush I get when I step to the line inside that little 100′ x 100′ box each weekend.


But there are weekends I do not compete.  I do take time away from trials for various reasons.  Sometimes the reason is simply:  oops, I missed the closing date again!  But regardless of the reason, I have found that there are many things that my dogs and I enjoy outside of our weekend competitions that keep our relationship strong and our health top-notch so we are ready for the next time we enter the ring.


Here are my Top 5 Alternatives to Agility (in no particular order)…


Alternative to Agility #1:


Crash keeping an eye on some sheep with me out in our pasture.


Herding is a fun way to give my herding breeds activity and mental stimulation when I’m not at an agility trial.  I realize I’m lucky in that I have a few sheep of my own to work, but most towns (if you’re willing to drive a little) have a herding facility somewhere.


Alternative to Agility #2:


Penelope on an endcap (NATIONWIDE) in PetSmart stores. This was super cool!


I LOVE to train tricks.  My favorite is teaching my dogs to hold items in their mouths, but the bonus to this is my dogs get the opportunity to audition for photo shoots and commercials, because they can do more than just agility.


Alternative to Agility #3:


Getting some cuddle time from my two small dogs (chihuahuas): Porky Pig & Polly Pocket


Okay, sometimes it is nice to sleep in and just cuddle.  Is this what it’s like to be a normal person on the weekend?


Alternative to Agility #4:


Don’t let the picture mislead you….Each one of us brought at least one dog to this Christmas get-together!

Okay, so hanging out with my human friends typically means we bring all our dogs, but that still counts, right?


Alternative to Agility #5:


Didn’t someone once say, there is no friendlier dog than a wet dog? Well, what about a muddy dog?

Just play!  Frisbee, ball, tugging, and just running around.  Sometimes there is nothing better in the world for you and your dog than to just have a little fun together.  Plus, taking the time to just play helps remind us what agility should be…a game.


What are your five favorite non-agility things to do with your dogs?


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3 thoughts on “Life Outside of the Ring

  1. Hmmmm, my five faves are probably:
    *hanging with dog mom friends
    *just playing tug, fetch, chase, wrestling, etc
    *trick training
    *taking them places around town (especially Chipper – so he can be a bully ambassador)


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