How Do You Measure Success?

This is one of those topics that you start, stop, delete, start over, and repeat a couple times before finding the right words to express what truly makes something success.


Success is when you conquer a fear.  I have always been afraid of letting people read what I write, even though I love to write.  So, here is this blog…a success for me.


Success is learning to be okay with failure.  Anyone who does dog agility has to come to terms with this one pretty quickly, because you will fail.  Again and again.  Publicly.  But, by being okay with failure, by not being afraid to fail, we can ultimately achieve our goals.


Success is acknowledging your weaknesses.  It is okay to have faults.  It is okay to be wrong.  It is okay to not know it all.  Once we are willing to admit our weaknesses, we can work on them, until they are no longer our weak points.


Success is progress.  No matter how big or small.  If I have made progress in one goal, it will affect the next goal, until ultimately I achieve my final aspiration.  Don’t belittle how slow you’re moving, but rather be motivated by the fact that you are moving.


There are so many aspects to success.  So many areas where you can find that you have made great achievements.  What does success mean to you?  How do you measure your success?


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